Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Significant Celebrity Death




Holistic, provisional, procure,
Invest, steering group,
Financial upturn,
Bi-annual performance review,
Ring fenced blue sky thinking,

All this and more,
In my next love letter to you,

Please don't leave me,
I've never said all this to anyone before,

You promise not to tell anyone?
I'll kill myself if you do..

No love,
How could I,
No one has ever whispered such
heartfelt and wonderful things to me,
So rare,
To actually know,
A woman,
Who isn't scared to express her feelings,
With such abandon,
And joy,

I feel the love,
Imagine what our children
would be like,
We're still so young.

We're so nineties,
God bless Kurt Cobain,
He had a significant celebrity death,
He's not that dead really,
Not with people like us around..