Sunday, 16 August 2009

I Knew It!

".., So where were you last night?"
She's brushing her hair,
Glazing at my rabbit-in-speed light reflection,
From her dressing room table mirror.

"..I was..uh."
" "Uh"? No! You! Weren't!
Where were you

No point in lying,
"I was in a bar near London Bridge..uh.."
This isn't going well..

"And? You weren't with another woman were you?"

No point in lying,
She's laughing now,
"You just can't stop yourself can you?
No self control,
When you get the urge you just have to do it,
Don't you?
And I just have to wait for you to finish.
I can have any man I want,
You know that,
And yet I put up with you my darling.
So what happened?
Was it good
How long did it take,
Was it good?"
"Yes, it was good,
It took me twenty minutes,
The first time!
But then I got an unstoppable urge to..
Redo it again and again,
Like a had no choice."

" No choice?

Oh you poor thing,
Held at gun point weren't you?
So what did you get the urge to versify about this time?
Garden gnomes, mad cows, your strange taste in food?"
"All three,
I'm sorry.."
"I knew it.."