Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Heart Break Line

Sinking into place,
On the Heart Break line platform,
Still waiting for the delayed train,
To arrive,
But it doesn't arrive.
How strange.

Dawdling near the edge,
Kicking soul heals,
Through this fog,
A distant signal steams red,
Why the delay?
So I turn away.

I'm sucked in,
By what?
I'm under.

Was I looking the wrong way?
My heart bursts open like a cluster bomb,
As dazed gargoyles in Club Class,
Morris dance though me,
Like phantoms in a fountain.
This must be The Heart Break Bullet Train,
With my name on it.
Choo choo

Luggage is reminded,
to keep passengers with you.
Please familiarise yourselves,
with the safety notices,
pinning you under your train.
In case of emergency,
please wait until a few seconds,
before your train crashes,
before you pull on,
the emergency cord of prayer.

Be warned,
The Heart Break,
runs on Devil's Mean Time.
And when delayed,
if you look away,
you will pay.

You will pay.

..Still here..