Sunday, 6 September 2009

Politician's Farewell Speech

Thank you s'very much.

It's been a long night,
hasn't it?
for all of us,
an amazing journey,
with a purpose,
we had that blue sky dream,
together with the greens, purples and yellows,
we almost,
made it,
and for that you should feel justly proud.

Almost isn't gonna do it though,
and so, I,
with a heavy heart have decided,
to step down..
no please, please, allow me to finish..
to step down,
so a new leader,
can reignite the flame,
with firmness of thought,
thrust that flame,
into the engaged mouth,
that is the yeti of hope,
the dragon's breath,
in a glorious new spring time,
like flowing bees,
mounting the flowerpots,
to pollinate the new honey dew,
of positive ambition,
and to cast aside,
the broken ankles of negative penguins,
as we dare to dream,
like a successful vacuum cleaner,
that sucks away,
the exhaust pipe of negative negativity,
and as it extinguishes,
a phoenix fridge-like in its furnace,
that's a pregnant woman with a small child,
inside it,
we will unite again,
we will beget those lost sheep,
like the cage-ed flower,
like a holy cow with a gun,
but in a good way,
with love,
with compassion,
with healing,
to deliver on the promise,
of a brighter tomorrow,
and a day after tomorrow,
and after that,
and after that too,
and so on,
so that there shall,
never again,
never again,
no yesterday's for everyone,
like today will,

So, then,
as I leave you tonight,
as we spill away,
off different bridges,
as we sigh on the vegetation below,
smiling sadly,
like an upside-down rainbow,
smiles sadly,
under its gainful cloud of moonlight,
I'll take my leave of you,
and thank you so much,
God bless you all,
God bless you all,
thank you, thank you,
and thank you again.