Sunday, 13 September 2009

Product Placement with New and Improved Disclaimer

Please rest assured,
that all product placement integrated
within these poems,
will be handled with the utmost sensitivity,
and aligned aesthetically,
within the artistic bodies of the poetry
as unobtrusively as possible.
All products are advertised subliminally,
flashed underneath the poetry
for a few nano seconds only.
So in all probability,
you will not be consciously aware,
of the advertising placed igloo
on ice this cream poetry site.
We recognise that this is as it should be,
and the advertisers are happy to compromise,
for the sake of delivering
as pleasing a tragic poetry experience as possible.

* Legal Disclaimer
The advertisers indemnify themselves
against any liability,
for any psychic disgorgement,
the poetry consumer may experience,
due to any unforeseen disruption to flow.