Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Scream

Looking at the gorgeous women,
Is more dangerous that staring at the sun,
You get blinded,
Needles twist your eyes,
Many good men become undone.

Crashing off into a ravine,
Falling into a manhole,
A manhole!
Sleep walking onto a busy road,
Or we just turn away,
And sigh,
Everything spins, swirls and melts,
We're their rabbits frozen,
In our own headlights.
It just isn't right.

One time,
I walked smack into a wall,
For example.

Another time,
It was a Christmas tree,
In Stratford Shopping Centre,
The little children,
Around Santa's grotto,
Didn't seem to mind.

More recently,
I saw a man bang into a lamp post,
Stealing a furtive glance,
At his girlfriend's behind.
There's fidelity in action!

Gorgeous women -
The kamikaze distraction.