Friday, 23 October 2009

In All Good Book Shops

This piece of poetry,
In fact,
No such thing.
What this is,
Is a highly contentious,
Pseudo virtual reality,
Installation art artifact.
And as such,
Right now,
At this very unique moment,
In space-time,
(Greenwich Mean Time space time),
A panel of cultural experts,
Are discussing,
On Newsnight Review,
On BBC 2,
Katie Price's,
Ghost-written novel.

Katie Price has admitted,
(Unlike some of her critics),
She hasn't had time to read her novels,
But she knows her ghost-writer really well,
And Katie outlined the storyline idea to her.

The novel has already received good reviews!
And one book reviewer,
Apprehended that Katie,
(If she ever has the inclination),
May not enjoy reading her second,
Ghost-penned novel,
For its playful, cheeky,
Bite-the-hand-that-feeds-me humour.

Her ghost-writer has real talent,
And they loved it!

Her novel is now available,
In all good book shops,
But honestly,
I don't know,
How available it is,
In all the bad ones.