Friday, 27 November 2009

That Special Something

It's not quite there yet,
Not quite there.
Don't get me wrong,
It's nearly there,
Almost nearly,
I don't know,
I'm just not sure,
There's still that indefinable,
That special something,
That's still missing.
An imperceptible,
An imperceptible something,
Like when I see a duck on a pond,
I think,
Oh look a duck on a pond,
Isn't that's nice, but,
Then I can't help but ask:
But where are the other ducks,
To keep this one duck company?
Why are there no other ducks in the pond?
It's just not right - the duck,
All alone like that,
Especially on a Friday,
Or a Saturday night,
Can you imagine?
Can't be much fun for a solitary duck,
Gliding sadly,
And all so alone,
Through the too quiet,
Too still water,
Circling, gliding, alone,
Beneath the weekend moonlight.
Know what I mean?