Monday, 4 January 2010

Broken-Heart Transfusion

When will the NHS provide broken-heart transfusion?
Are there any volunteers?
Would you consider being a living-donor?

Your heart will be transfused,
To mend a broken one.
Imagine it as broken-heart transplantation.

The nurses afterwards,
Will give you a nice cup of tea,
And a biscuit -
Two if you like -
As a "thank you" for volunteering,
To transfuse your heart with a broken one.

And let's remember,
Some altruistic souls already,
Donate their blood, bone-marrow,
Or even a kidney!
So I'm sure there are benevolent heart-givers -
Healers, really,
Out there, somewhere,
For the laying-on of hearts.

But here's a problem:
Often, the ones who would give their heart most gladly,
The most vulnerable to having their heart injured - even destroyed.

Such openness profiles them,
As the most likely candidates,
To be hurt, used,
Then rejected,
Or otherwise tossed aside,
By careless or cavalier,
Embittered or predatory,
Only truly compatible,
Only with themselves.

Many of the broken-hearted,
Will lock their love in cold-storage - fearful,
And hide themselves away,
As their own heart self-rejects,
And tumbles and ricochets the downward spiral, so harmful -
Feeling at home in the twisted forms and patterns,
Of negative familiarity,
Masquerading as self-preservation,
Also known as,
"Better the devil you know."

I wish the serial heart-breakers,
Would witness their damage,
And have a care,
So maybe they could take as much pleasure,
In nail-breaking instead!

Breaking people's nails:
No loving-souls damaged;
Infinitely less pain inflicted;
So much easier to remedy.
After all,
To heal the broken-hearted,
May take more than a lifetime,
To heal the broken-nailed?
A couple of days.