Friday, 28 May 2010

Totally Chilled

We should never take out our personal frustrations,

On our colleagues,
No. That's just plain wrong -
We should reserve that for the people we love!
Laughed the human resources consultant.
And with that,
Another conflict-management training day,
Was brought to a successful,
And enlightening conclusion.

And with a new spring in my step,
I bounded homeward,
And with the sun still shining,
And the birds still a-twittering,

(Like they do in happy, life-affirming poems),
I opened my door,
Ran up to my loved-ones,
And beat them to a pulp!

I then threw all their assorted,

And utterly defenceless furry pets,
Off the cliff!

And you know what?

When I went to work the next day,
I didn't let any work-colleague wind me up anymore,
And I took out my frustrations on no-one;
In fact all my frustrations seemed to have magically disappeared!

I felt totally chilled.

Just totally chilled.