Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hollywood's Top Ten Most Mysterious Drug Overdoses

She threw the roses on the floor,

Like they were used takeaway trays,
"I hate him!" She exclaimed,
"If he thinks all he need do is send me this:

Some cheap garage flowers!
That makes everything okay.."
She flourished an imaginary wand,
"..just like that!"

Her slanted feline eyes demanded affirmation,
I just shrugged my shoulders,
And patted the sofa.

She sat down,
Staring-out the discarded flowers,
Hoping they would spontaneously combust,

But they just cast timid baby shadows on the beech floor -
The roses now stricken by a smirking,
And pretty smug-with-itself afternoon sun.

"Hollywood's Top Ten Most Mysterious Drug Overdoses"
was about to begin.
"Oh look" I said,
" "Hollywood's Top Ten Most Mysterious Drug Overdoses"
is about to start".
"I'm not in the mood!"
She was adamant!

"God" I thought to myself,
"This really is serious then.."

A few hour-seconds of tomb-like silence dumbwaitered by,
Before her mobile chirruped oddly,
Like a broken songbird,
Sending out its last-breath s.o.s.

She oblong-shaped her inevitable sigh,
And lifted up her mobile,
As if it was a dumbbell,
Of papier mache.
She scanned the text,
And then,
Smeared almost comically her most elusive Da Vinci painted smile,
Which blasted the snide sun out of its static orbit,

And out of sight!

And baffled angels descended..
Scratched their heads,
So I just pointed at her.

She giggled,
Glanced at me,
Then turned away all Geisha;
I couldn't help but smile.
"Look.." She flashed the text at me,
But pulled it away more swiftly than a thief,

"Isn't he lovely" she instructed,
"He really knows how to treat a girl.
He's so exciting!
You should be like this."
I nodded,
With statesman-like gravity,
Pointed to the t.v screen,
She assented,
Now in the mood for
"Hollywood's Top Ten Most Mysterious Drug Overdoses".