Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Friend In Need

I don't want to say this,
But I did warn you,
Didn't I!
Don't say I didn't warn you,
I'm not going to go on - don't worry,
I did tell you, and don't think I've forgotten,
I did tell you that this would happen,
Now look at you:
Just standing there not saying anything.

So who's laughing now?
I warned you - I did!
I did! I did!
And now look!
So don't say I never said anything!
Why aren't you saying anything?
Don't think I'm happy about this.
Do you think I'm happy about this?
Don't think I'm happy about this.
I'm not going to say anymore,
I'm not going to say
Anything. More.
Any. Thing.

I have to say I told you so.
And you know,
Especially as you're sitting there,
In front of me with your face,
That face you've got on.
Why have you got that face on?
Are you ashamed or embarrassed
because I'm saying this around your friends?
Oh well be like that.
No! I'm not trying to ambush you,
Why would I do that?
What would I have to gain? Seriously,
All I'm saying is - and please don't interrupt me,
Good manners cost nothing you know -
I warned you didn't I,
But I promised I won't go on,

I'm just saying this because I care,
I hope you can see that.

Just don't get me started,
Don't even get me started,
Don't. Even. Get. Me. Started.