Saturday, 20 November 2010

Crystal Orchards Scintillescent

The fire.
The fire decants hands warmer bluer.

The chiller-sky Thor ice-picks Wind Tunnel Alley raw;
Bolder flames entwine like heat-seeking lovers enfolding dispersing warmth.

A man of parchment and drip-dry tears and fingerless gloves stokes the fire;
The dowsing expires anaemic tangerine sparkler-arc streamer rosaries.

The night bowls howling ghost-wail-ricocheting sheet-steel whiplash;
Subterranean deep-freeze phantoms slice their life-likes on the run.

The almost people huddle dejected: paparazzi penguin waiters;
Winter fuel allowance: no tipping.

Frosted glass mirrored streets reflect flip-side-down illuminated orchards.
Grass crystal slivers underfoot shatter distant firework crackers.

The moon glimmers opaque iridescence;
The lunar ice-rink winks on her absolution scintillescent.

Soap-dish marbled streets delicate neon aura splashes;
Neapolitan car lights swarm, fan-out, fade, dissolve.

Dimpled mannequins slide out department stores;
Smeared perfumes vapour-trail heady-scented passionista moles.

Snake-charm takeaway-fumes chimney out expelling doorways.

Coriander, mint and charcoal insinuate meer cats' drunken garble-swirls.

Mister Shimmering Smog choo-choo's his Mini-Moog,
While snug-togged commuters, like spies, murmur incantatory mobile-Babel music.