Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Slap Your Baby, Make It Cry

And please hush now -
TV volume up:
An important politician is orating himself,
To tears.

Off-the-wrist onanist:
Oral cavity inspiration.
So inspired, he is,
By his own words,
He's actually bringing himself to tears.
He's orating himself to tears.
Lips all a-tremble:
It's a site:
His vain of tears.

Explaining his "Nineteenth Way":
Journey..end of the night..hope..terror..better..balance..
prolapse..process..choice..vision..Nineteenth Way..economic suicide..
love..enemies..deficit..defence..optimal..dental..reality..unblemished..the cancer of..
innocence..feral children..peace..diabetes..
positive change..traditional values..responsibility..hard-working families..torture..
us..them..more terrorists..green..immigrants..
war on..peace..God..joined-up..criminals..liberal elite..fiscal discipline..
Me Prime Minister,
......Me. Again.

......Prime Minister,
........Vote. Me.

Thank you..
..............................He's finished.

The possessed sway,
And chant,
And cheer.
And they cry a little too.
It's not nice.
And tomorrow I'll probably vote for this guy -
And his Nineteenth Way.
..So different, I bet, from The Eighteenth Way and The Third Way,
And the second way and the..

Balloons and streamers release, and,
One of those lite-rawk anthems blasts asinine thoughts on
believing in dreams if you reach for the something or other:
Sonic napalm for organ-gurning monkeys.
Who are these simpletons that watch this neo-fascist-like propaganda on TV?
I mean,
Apart from me?

Now this is where it gets really bad,
So turn your gaze away now if you're of a delicate disposition:
Wait for it..
He's holding someone's baby.
An evil parent has just handed him over their defenceless flesh and blood.
Bonding with nuclear blancmange - poor baby.
And now he's kissing the baby.

They say there's nothing worse than seeing a baby cry,
Oh yes there is:
Witnessing a sweet baby smile and gurgle at a corpsing vote-bandit.

The politician's vision:
Perfect 20/ vision,

Slap your baby,
Make it cry.