Sunday, 15 May 2011

Heaven Can't Wait

A gloom of pigeons swirl,
Painting a crown of thorns,
I boil sideways below.
My flyover hangover blooms like an exploding kidney dialysis machine.

Floating rocks ninja-kick and cymbal-crash
inside my skull,
Screaming for a trapanner.
My coordination all mad cows' disease.
Avalanche incoming!

My inner ears register:
Vacuum-flask sonnets,
Another imploded afternoon,
Sipping dehydration in The Purgatory Tea Room.
Sonic booms discharge brain-dentist missiles.
I am demented today.

I am demented today.
And as I have no aspirin perchance you have a gun?
Don't worry I'm a pacifist;
I won't do anything wrong as I kill everyone.

And today I pray for The God Squad to ding-dong my doorbell,
For I shall lay my loving hands on those believers' strangely beseeching throats.

I shall jump-start an extraordinary rendition heavenward,
For I believe in forgiveness.
Blessed be me then.

Please don't doubt your faith,
Not now.
You believe don't you?
Just see this as a test then.
Surrender to the choking.
Don't fight it.
It's all there,
It's all there waiting for you.