Saturday, 9 July 2011

Me And Whose Army Me And Whose Army Me And Whose Army

sickening I know
how. dare. they. do. that. missing children dead soldiers terrorist victims

Shouldn't. Be. Allowed.

so-called journalists
distraught parents' phones
is nothing sacred

the body bags the salutes the kids watching the widow weep
a floor elsewhere loosens the vanquished lover gripping air
like a mime artist holding a hand

and. then. this.

his mum had a breakdown you know
too difficult to get over:
they must close it down
sick toxic
no advertisers should touch it

the righteous indignation's and the its gone too far's
rang around the nation for almost three days British Summer Time
like a caveman with tinnitus lying on the sun bed
(wimbledon had just finished)

but it's a new day tomorrow
life goes on
and that means:
I'll Have To Buy The Last Edition


(a lapsed hindu scribe writes):

two of a thousand years ago
a bloke pissed 'em off
got hung on a cross
He looked down
and watched an enterprising fellow chipping away at his crucifix's foundation

The Jesus Bloke:
Don't worry my son
Don't try to free me
The Lord will..

bloke bloke:
nah nah don't worry
i'm just chopping bits off for a souvenir
i won't compromise your foundation
you won't fall
i just pray
that it will sell on eBay
i've got some paracetimol if you like..
and forgive me
i know i'm not a christian
but who at the present moment is
i know that's a bit deep

the centurions chuckled