Sunday, 3 July 2011

Whistler Tear Rockets (The Cubist Chef And The Triangle Sandwich)

I loved you like an astronaut
loves an actress
loves an eclipse,

You haunt my leave like mist.
I drank your trees.
(I hammer orchids still.)

You whirled stark firework arrays:
Strafing Butterflies.

Like a chocolate dream of incense,
Flute streams slid waterfall lemons..

Lip-read the smile for a walrus,
A dentist lost.

Your nightingales sang with mermaids
of selling my heart on eBay,

This snow dog bewitched.

A shake down by the moon of lamp post light,
And soon simile solitaire blossomed.

My bauble lighthouse,
Your burning hair-tong-eyes
smoked my moustache's tiny tresses to ashes.

The cubist chef and the triangle sandwich.

Like a whitewash of creasing skylights,
You loved me.