Monday, 8 August 2011

Keyboard Commando

He draws the fine line between hate and hate -
He's a keyboard commando.
Swirling eyes catheterise incontinent flamer rage -
She's a keyboard commando.
The spurned saturnine misanthropes,
The atheist/God brigades,
The grandad rock fascismos man
their onanist hive-brained barricades.
The CAPS LOCK attack-dogzillas,
The green crayon font glocalistas.
They're all keyboard commandos.
The zoilist cannibal synthesis;
The psycho-stalker metamorphosis.
Take half an ounce of thought,
A nanosecond of self-reflection,
A quark of empathy,
A sliver of good intention,
A tonne of self-righteousness,
A big ol' tent of me and me -
The bravado swamp thrills,
Rabid gazelles on kill,
Shelling from the craven caves of anonymity.
It's Munch's Scream upstreaming in the polyglot argot
of keyboard commandos.
Lying poet songsmiths:
So we're really all the same?
Oh yes -
We're churning in one big boiling cauldron world -
A world of keyboard commandos.