Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Stark Blossom

Her love lost,
She slips away,
Silhouettes gleam moon shadow.

Blue eyes burn broken;
She leans her head back against the wall ~
Turns around,
As lunar trees rustle the cover for her delicate steal-away.

A last look back.
His bed now..
His bed now..
In-breath, deep, deep, shallow.

In-breath, shallow.
Places keys,
Resting, date-stamped,
On the newspaper in the hall.
Turn the page.

Enfolding cruel lament:
Let me out of this place.. - Sold.
Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark.
Let me out of this place;
Just open the door,
And walk the corridor,
And down these stairs..

And the outside lights of the dark unveil,
The stark blossom,
The unnatural world.
The traffic milling swashing rain revives her.
She weeps a lonely relief.
And she glows,
Like a frozen rose,
Thawing under the sunlight of the moon.
Her reflection warms the oblong aspects of glass and steel;
The cold statues ignite in flames.