Sunday, 4 December 2011

the shimmering - the origin of Dream

shimmering glitterball moonlight
crimson ribbon neon archangels' wings flutter their radiance
oud dew fragrance
inflamed chariot lovers kiss
immortal time-sand

the swooning heat vibrates
floating corner cosmos
the dilated eyes pluck out the cherry starlight
the whispering sirens anciently whisper venus breath over wing mirrors
ghostly murmuring hwwhoowhaashaaahaa

lamp lit assignation

nod or turn away
fleeting memories to savour -
the wallow of gulf stream
infatuation fleeting -
the choir aaaaaaoooowwwwaaaa
nnnnnnhhhahahaaallmagenta as the marshalled deadly romance
dark blue as tomorrow's stairway down -
the splasher teardrops -
the inflamed sonnets porcelain
but for tonight the moth dance trips the dark fantastic
night lode night
the pure night squeeze dropship-dripping manna

the phantom echoes valley

valley echoes phantom

depth-charge transcendence

the snowflakes angel
everything falling in with you

envelop all distance
the goddess pulsation: spiral arms in her hands -
cosmic branches raising starforests -
the controller of everything
the petalled lunar eclipse cleanses the concrete waterways
peeling back the waves weaved from pulverised broken silk -
for even in england there's the lotus and the lamb

save the memory

publish later
the spirit of the dawn patrol will deal dimmering-of-night blows
but night will always away! for always this

the big bang blacked in silvery blaze

still rippling
the origin of Dream