Thursday, 26 July 2012

Masking Agents

High rise blocks' rooftops gun-turreted,
Missile launchers: on your marks..
The anti-terror squad and the extra-special forces,
Scan and train on Olympian sky.

The car thieves, robbers and burglars gaze upwards,
Their bosoms swell with pride,

Yes, the incoming existential threat shall beguile.
And our synchronised asymmetric kinetic combat teams meanwhile..

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya,
Stratford Olympic Village -
Eyes on International Terror,
And off - a kindly waver - the mundane locally sourced murder-lite-pillage;
Our boys in combat have got the streets,
And the boys in green,
Have got that bit of sky. 

Jubilate! Rejoice! Exult!

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