Friday, 7 December 2012

You Tube Debates

You Tube debates:
It's like watching blancmange wrestle toothpaste.
Welcome to humanity's slug-face.
Heavyweight philosophers pow-wow in the super-dimmest reaches of hyperspace.
So tag-team ringside as blancmange wrestles toothpaste.

You Tube debates:
Blancmange has issues with toothpaste.
Decide - whose side are you on:
The ones who scream cunt,
Or the scholars of the riposte ad hominum.

You Tube debates:
Read the fondue-brained-flamers sumo in the Argument Air-Guitar Corps. Superstore,
A fistful of looking-glass makes through the floor.
War is what they are fighting for.

Toothpaste rejects everything blancmange represents;
Subatomic nanomusings flex, gob and vent.
Goblets of giblet lobbed by hobgoblin boffins,
Doctrines of idiots fling apropos-nothings,
Empathy duct-taped, jealous ferrets stab dolphins,
Starfish are circled by screeching cyber sea starlings.

You Tube debates:
Air bags deconstruct car crashes,
The foaming worms won't eat crow,
Jihadist penguins are torpedoing the ozone layer no?

You Tube debates:
Fang mouths drip-ventilate the crayon-commmandos with invisible-forked-face;
The shafting one-eyed lambs wander the hills of their skewed Jerusalem,
Like blancmange missiles in the wind,
Like some song...

You Tube debates:
Bucking razorblade tongues suckle on their owned bon-mot demagogue's beef - 
Rampant thumbs up for the mutual hand shandies;
As their saliva in clover gushes over poisoned slipstreams..

You Tube debates:
Toothpaste or blancmange,
Whose side are you on:
The thumbs ups or the cunts or the ad hominums?

So sign your squirted jazz pro forma,
Declare whose side you are on.