Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Drifting In The Drifting Sands Of So

Then the murder itself became itself. 
This was the murder of civilians: 
The villains. 
"But murder?" they bristled, "No. Well, no..", 

So the murder became the killing. 
The killing then became itself. 
Then killing itself became collateral damage. 
And collateral damage became itself collaterally morphed: 
Sandpaper to candyfloss: 
Enter unintended consequences. 

Unintended consequences. 
Unintended Consequences Delta Force.

Unintended consequences is still churning out  its buttery flow, 
But soon the eraser's lingua franca shall again rub out its road; 
Neverland's built-in obsolescence-coda the interposing code. 
For these apparatchiks wing such strange jams in flues of dead life, 
Constantly retuning the lexicon
in the key changes of the drowning light,
Cast in the colours of the waterboarders' eyes.

This proto-linguistic mash-up, 
Informs the infotainment joker's full-spectrum arcana, 
Redefining and tightening; 
As ideological as Stalinist fag-ends in overdrive. 
Disarming with the Subutteo of words, 
Pumped out like oil. 
Please view the nascent necropolis through magnolia smoke 
and bending kaleidoscopic timelines. 

Although far-removed in look and sound, 
This globalist hipper hate-rainbow, 
Phase-shifts playfully the ever-unfurling cacophony, 
And deconstructs any moral dilemma fads 
through the fade of the flow.

Lines drawn then renamed: 
Buttressing and counterblasting; 
A conceptual shoe-in for these teratoid playlists. 
Mixtape for the scorching; 
An envelope to elide: 
The language isn't the sideshow - it's the ride, 
It's the ride. 

Painting pictures differently, 
All cloaking-zeitgeist-wordsmith brinkmanship. 
Pink-slipping the severed deadwood adrift 
to anodyne swamp slideshow jazz-riffs. 

Blastwall wordscapes camouflage the poison ivy, 
Now broadcasting the lounge-sound of the lizards' dream-future: 
Dancers sparkle under supernormal mistle, 
Washing away the latest nano-armageddon to the-so-last-year, 
Drifting in the drifting sands of so, 
The powdery blue sheer..