Monday, 28 January 2013

Imagining Another You

Imagine one another.
Imagine the other.

Imagine -
To be the other of you.
How is your other you?

How are you too?

Have faith in this accident of fate game;
Role play your prevailing freewill 
with a roll of the loaded dice.

Mirrors -
To seem mirrors -
A myriad of mirrors face-down your wall,
Unfolding and folding their gazing.
See how they reflect and refract the chrysalis -
The shadow play.

Do your anthems different remain the same?
So, does your birth right?
Do you empathise with,
Or even recognise the re-mirrored frame?
And the game, 
That's anything but a game.
Facing opposite the familiar rules,
Does your difference seem in play?

Imagine, imagine,
Wishing to understand your other,
And imagine uncovering the path
you might together discover -
Almost like there is no other.