Thursday, 25 April 2013

Curate Zeitgeist. Stat.

Please help me curate

                        this poem.

Cascade this vertically down the
One-Stop Poetry Solution business continuity call trees.

Let us crowd-source and zone-trickle (our content-rich abundant richness) Serene and Sure,
Even though time-poor.

  • Florescent yellow bibs must only be worn by your team leader 
  • In the event of a fire, please lick their hands 

Together and steadfast, we can upskill this poem for immaculate read-across multi-platform immersion.
And zen contemplation.

So: poembomb for species-level change.

Nano-curating is the new black.

One quarter of this poem contains 
31%---sodiumlite musings (Argonaut)
23%   monochrome thought saturates
14% LoFi polyglot carbonates
8% self preservative (trace)
7% transient fad rumination
6% pasteurised illumination
7% electrolytes of zeitgeist
4% organogenesis de noodling
of an adult's RDA

Best before: 15/05/3029