Sunday, 2 June 2013

Is Now A Good Time?

Is now a good time?

Oh, so,
How about     dot    dot    now?
Or  dot        dot dot       dot

Well, that's three,
Any of them any good to go?
Any of them on the moment?

You say you like the second now?
Okay then.
So turn your watch back twenty seconds,
And we can be right there, again,
In that second, now, any second now.
dot dot   
Let's enjoy the full detail and texture,
Right now.

               in between the raindrops the rainbow hides

Of course I don't mind.
I have time - 
And time..

Any second now then.. we go -
In your own time..


Yes, you're right,
This particular now light.
How now I notice how did I never notice it passed me by,
Now I notice it passed me by?

..It's so silvery!

How it drifts, abandoned, by the sky,
Like a falling blue butterfly,
Tossed on the honeycomb stream,
Yet, the deep-sea slopes in dream.

Here now,
You are here, are here,
The feel - so soft and gossamer;
An mmmnness - nothing heavy;
A heavenly lightness deep.

This now is a good time,
In between the raindrops, here.

.                .                .