Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Bling Of Austerity

The Rachman-like bijou debt-pools:
The temp-tenement bazaar.
And the cats with weight issues slurp slightly less cream,
They don't mind, it makes for the best PR.

This clamouring ring is the bling of austerity.
It's the best kind of enmity therapy.

In the days of yore, proles bore the poll tax.
Now we are enjoined to rejoice the bedroom tax.
So next, shall we explore the clitoris tax too?
Those lazy, pleasure-seeking, ruby-button scroungers..

This clamour is the bling of austerity.
Swing low that sweet bling of austerity.

Hollowed-out high streets "ripe for development";
Kept-empty luxury apartments boast no viewing tenants.
Some students sell sex to help keep down their debts:
Generation Y funded kindly by Generation X.

It's yet another nudge for the bling of austerity.
Moving forward the soft bling of austerity.

Cashless society, cashless hand-me-downs;
There's a place you can go in these food bank boom towns.
This Baby Boomer wonderland:
This home-owning silver sea,
Saves Jerusalem's equity from eternity, maybe.

The pawnbrokers, and the payday loaners -
The Big Society stakeholders:
Chuggers in clover:
Vampire surgeons drip-feed their blood donors.

With their curtains drawn tight and their wide screen TVs,
Their fecklessness - living shamelessly so beyond their means,
Thus, always it's us:
The Hard Working Families.
You know what I mean..?

Stick the rolling pin on the weakest demographic:
The Legions of Schadenfreude target market.
Stand by the demagogue divisions, 
Speed-date consensus conviction,
Your eyes shut so wide, flash-mob ostrich.

This wonderful thing is the bling of austerity.
Let's swoop and glide,
As the chariot wings of austerity