Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Forest Gate Mystery Train

I'm on the Forest Gate Mystery Train, 
With my burgled geranium eyes. 
I'm on the Forest Gate Mystery Train, 
Sighing goldfish clock sardine spies. 

Spammed atomic; trolleyed marine, 

Frost-buckled arms glow margarine, 
Slender dolls slalom offside knees, 
Capsules backslide into the stalagmite City. 

Tutankhamen consortia; 

Shoulder-penguins soggy cadge the dappled glimmer, 
Ink-blot floozies aim the infatuation-Derringer: 
Coffee?... Drink? 
And the treacle line thuds floating eurhythmic ghostly tambourines. 

The sly budgies chirp office trash - 

Yammering satellites eclipse; 
Aural chalk lines extradite silhouettes of lips. 
Forest Gate Mystery Train - 
Silence on the soundless amplifies. 
I travel a million underground-air-miles, 
And mermaids cycle the jelly eel sky. 
Mind the gap: you're half woman, I'm half fish - 
So the one and us evolves.. 

Forest Gate Mystery Train - 

Leering, marching men; somnambulist egg brains, 
Millionaires roll higher off ghostly rabbit-hutch plains. 
Win a dream lottery and slap down the deposit, 
In Stratford there's now a launch pad for a bungee-jumping space rocket. 
(It's just by the casino). 
Warp factor none, 
A ready meal for one, 
Microwaveable thoughts blister the bubbling plastic film, 
And the plasmatic Krakatoa infusion fizzles  
a Noah's Ark of arterial gerbils. 

Forest Gate Mystery Train - 

You've got one. 
I've got one.