Thursday, 21 November 2013

Amber -

Amber - 
Patter-painting the picture and frame. 
Amber, amber rain.. 

Amber rain - 
Darting limpid lights bloom so softly on the perfume ozone hangs, 
Pavements gleam indigo linoleum, 
Rub the lamp - 
The Genie of the Wish - 
             amber, amber rain. 

Belisha Merman knocked conscious I so stand; 
Thoughts kiss-burgle, falling like satin ropes of Friday snow, sensate magma. 
The street lights are shower-heads, they flood dew through pulsing sodium iridescence;  
Car-rivers flash soma-distilled carnations, 
Shellac streaming, washing this shifted twilight golden. 

Amber - 
Amber rain. 
Emily Bronte Manga -
A celestial washing machine the fished heavens drip dry; 
The whirling glaze caramelises leaves of tangerine and cinnamon and crimson and jade. 

Through the wrung waves I plan my fade away, eyes and air, 
And the patterns there seam and weave outlines Cumulus wands.. 

Propelling, fanning - 
The Palace of Cities are orchards of refracting, collapsible mines. 
On the mountain tops of steel-fashioned sky, 
Are Sirius', 
Thrown around glass. 

And if you 
Count off these strings of falling time 
In these drops of amber rain... 


Between this bar and theatre, 
Like shape-shifting statues in fountains, 
They took their leave, serenading snare drum leaves - 
This amber amber rain. 

Yesterday in whisper and echo, tomorrow slips, no anchor. 
While I walk I share, 
Then and there, 
Especially with strangers?  

And a smile, a rush, then past, 
Grains of sand blow, washing the hourglass. 
There's a poem, there, I won't send, 
Some other day... 

Press the shell against your ear, 
Divine the cosmogryal sea; 
Crane your neck, and glide inside the immersing skyline, 
And you'll catch yourself, 
Catch yourself. 
And especially as you fall, 
You'll catch yourself. 

Amber - 
Green. Don't get run over. 

Amber - 
Communion with the Planet Moon. 
Amber rain. 

Inexpressible, yes, beyond words. 
Just a lightness of dark light, 
A wash of liquid arcing light - 
A sparkling charcoal tunnel. 

Sparklers loop off the ground: 
Catherine Wheels of spinning lunar raindrops, 
Parachute pearls, musical, into drains, 
Babbling brooks of tinkling Zanskar bells, they chime,  
Bathing Cubist mice. 

Opel rain fractal maps between your fingers. 
Amber, amber rain. 

A rushing woven crystalline. 
Dreams escape slate and divine colour, and, 
Stars, hum, wavering, all spears and pears, glistening like luminous and whirling galactic shaman.

Ozone-dipped, in those cradles are ribbons of amber, 
Rolling, lifting, tumbling and folding, 
And soon to bless its shedding gifts on some rolling green hell.