Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Latest Jimi Hendrix Lyric From A Parallel Earth, But First, The Weather

See that polygon-shaped cloud
seemingly floating upon a silvery sheep,
Next to the lilting stream-snowing sky tower,
Tumbling time a snow cascading spiral lily,
Dripping wispy cotton cumulus slip streams?

Pillows of steam tripping out the blue,
A three mile high ladder,
A flask of honey dew;
Jimi Hendrix, a parallel earth, playing the sitar,
And an alien astronomer there ponders the indigo cigar,
And wonders if out there -
in the parallel,
Jimi Hendrix plays the guitar?
Wow, she chuckles,
No way, that "out" would be too "far"!

Reality is as relative as your future-life grandma.
She rear-ends endlessly her four dimensional metaphorical reverie,
Drunk on sherry, probably,
dancing tipsy on a light beam.
"You know sonny,
Space gravity actually comes from the sun.."
The cosmic cop laughed, let her go
But confiscated her plasma guns:

Entering Orion, no entry for weaponised nuns.
Pharoahs' terms of love teem out their third eye
One and one is One:

The sun behind the sun:
Quantum Entanglement on stun.

Here's a Jimi Hendix lyric from the parallel Earth: Moscow Sitar Baby

Moscow Sitar Baby
I sipped your rice through your nectar gravy
The slow boats to the Phobos obilisk
Drive this octopus crazy
Moscow Sitar Baby

Moon string metaphysics
Greek goddess inside the Antarctica pyramid
Black hole slips on a banana skin
You, my astral sun of Agartha
Let me be your ice rink
Moscow Sitar Baby..

The phobia obilisk
Is like a groovy stick of liquorices don't you think?
Moscow sitar baby
And I don't mean maybe..

[Track 3 from his latest Akashic record,
Cosmic Mermaids Calypso the Rosenbridge]