Monday, 13 October 2014

The Countryside Poetry Reader

If deeply moved I be to write, how wondrous this idyll is, so very, of countryside-poetry-life  hyphenated,
I would instill uplifting mustard windmills (sparingly) within such sagely mystical oranges.

So, of no particular butler nor daffodil, be:
A parson's egg nog wallow,
thatched burgundy meadow, glamorous frisky mallard, beekeeper's Plaster of Paris, 

my fern banshee for your two liminal hamsters,
jolly cahoots with the hopscotch ducking expedition, chief daffodil scrutineer.
Dimpled impish rabbit, cravat, sheafs of swaying church bells.

{end of part one}

You see?
Let's continue;
It shall become clearer.

Hedgerows and damp knees dappled, conservative blazer, 

Antichrist's mattress and hostess trolley adorned with his and hers;
imperial luxury verdant candyfloss thumbscrews.
Bertie won a lifetime supply of long-life jim-jams;
he couldn't believe his eyes.

Pay attention, I will be asking you questions,
No smack-and-tickle at the back!

Sprightly motorcar driving gloves, publican's distraught wife, her tawny owl embossed on glossy note paper.
Cricketers elbow, game bachelor's frosted tip snapping like Queen's crystal in the infamous anaesthesia Donkey blizzards of '53 -
and we'll say no more about it.

Headmistress's tips perky in satin,
fowl lawnmower with revolving gnome clippers,
parsimonious knitted atheist mittens;
scone, tramp.

Cups of Ceylon tea served in traditional Roswell saucers.
The thwacked balls on dominatrix leather.
Conserve tweed jam.
Unbecoming flashy door mouse.
Plimsolls of royal hooligans' pince-nes, King Rameses, garrulous banister, Elan Creams,
received Latin cabbage (Cambridge), the last days of the gravy merchants.

Mercurial street nun smoking a man-size cigarette under gas light,
her ruddy cheeks at play.

Beetroot doctor, romantic phantasm (with gout), nesting goats, mysterious gas explosion, vermilion meandering moonbeams
- perfect weather for secret maggot breeding.
Moth, awning, spry, fisting, bedash, badass.


Countryside -
Oceanarium saxophonists dwell under freestyle apple trees plucking low-hanging balloons, scherzo.
A napkin and the milk urn always in verdure-blossom.
Nearby fish bunting hangs above the ottoman airing violet fillets.
A "person" with colour pudding marble islands 'pon her nose jamboree.
Enid Blyton is.

Nostalgia: turpentine rations, and
Nothing beats that simple, unadorned joy of feeding crispy fleas to the budgerigar after gargle practice.

The army major plays dominoes with the poodles, custardly.
"Very" into conversations slipped in like marble tooth nylons.

How he glares comfortably at migrants singing songs about soda magnets,
As the sun-dried margarine sky blinks in European sing-song aftershave!

With the emphasis on -ing:
Snow falling over roman tattoo parlour ruins.
Words hidden in the undergrowth for the thrill of it.
Moth, awning, spry, fisting, bedash, badass.