Saturday, 28 February 2015

An Oblong Table, An Oblong Space

this particular table is too big for my lounge
do you have any others?

well we have this one
the problem with this table
if it is a problem
it's oblong

why is having an oblong table a problem?

this is an up-and-coming area
people don't like oblong tables here now
it denotes something

oh i like oblong tables
and the table is definitely the right fit for my lounge
i think i'll take it 

so when can it be delivered?

sorry we no longer deliver
do you have a car?


you can pick it up any time you like

i can't drive

i don't understand
didn't you just say..?

yes but the car was stolen for me

don't worry i won't tell anyone

no the problem is i can't drive
and the man who is taking my driving test for me is still in prison

when will he be released?

in nine months with good behaviour
it was only one bank he raided
and the kidnapping of that politician
was just a misunderstanding

no problem sir
i'll wrap it up for you
and your nominated doppelganger can come and collect your oblong table in your stolen car
once he has passed your test for you

that's great
do you take stolen credit cards?

yes but only because i like this poem

i'm glad you recognise this as a poem
most would say this isn't a poem at all
but a weird comedy sketch

ignore them sir
they are philistines
i recognised this as a poem immediately
no capitalisation no punctuation
the amazing white spaces..

you are a man of good breeding
in fact i stole this credit card from the kind of person
that wouldn't recognise this as a poem

serves them right sir

i'll also leave some glorious white space under this poem
as all great poems have virgin space under them
a huge oblong space

yes sir
it denotes something

  •  beginning of oblong space

  •  end of oblong space