Sunday, 10 May 2015

Genghis Gandhi

His name is Genghis Gandhi
Let's strip his campaign hand shandy
As he blows straw men away through the msm In door
A free trade for peace
Here's another just war
Lock-on the porn of fear
Conquer and divide
Score and shoot
It's the name of that game
Kiss the ball of that boot

Weaving spells over his seashell crowd
Mesmerised by himself
The shepherd swells a coal that glitters
Slivers of vows smoke and lick melting mirrors
The thrumming of lectern stage-craft and spin
Camouflage the spiders' hidden vision

Perhaps that sits with you too strange
Perchance yearning to X the return-to-sender vote for change
Mustn't be cynical then
They're not all the same
Please consider Gandhi Genghis

Her name is Gandhi Genghis
She's all sympathetic dentist
She lip-syncs "the family..the hard-working poor.."
Yet flows for covert wars' surveillance whores more
She'll kiss your baby
                                      it can

                                             hit the floor
It's all tough love from Gandhi Genghis
Where compassion dovetails with a fistful of menace

They both spoil the rod
Withered lips gritted quote slayed men of peace
And if the said men were still alive
Laser guided boomerangs with fangs shall seek them deceased

Trolling truth to power speaks
Vacuum packs their spirited sheep
A theremin tune serenades
The curb kicking the bleating street

The gurning tango twerks the rabbit-hole sky
Let's pay obeisance sisters and brothers to the inverted all-seeing eye
Genghis Gandhi Gandhi Genghis
The croneys' The Internationale revelation in genesis