Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Post Rock Song Titles That Probably Don't Exist But Probably Should (A List Poem, Part 1)

Fish to the Sound of Neptune
Synonymous Acropolis
Falling Off Crystals
Purgatory Daffodil in Musk
Gemini Gerbil
Livid Contract Negotiations in a Quarry
Eyewash for my Snowflakes
As Her Hand Grips the Atom Smasher I Run into an Exploding Volcano
Screaming at Triangles
Song with Insufficient Form
I LOve Her Like Zero Loves INfinity
Your God Hates Mirrors
Uncomfortable Guitar Shapes
Khartoum Lap Dancer
The Tip of Time in a Blade of Glass

I Broke the Internet
Helped by People Living on Stranger Worlds
Your Ectoplasm, My Face
The Nuclear Fission of Nuns is Present
I Fell in Love with a Forbidden Archaeologist but She Fell in Love with an Exo-EgyptologistThe Hindu Goddess of the Delay Pedal Drinks Rose Milk

Granny Farm Stage 3 (Fat Chance)
She Points to Orion as this Earth Melts
The Sound of Ten Thousand Ears
Filament/Bingo Atrocity
Brand New Cardigan for My Fata Morgana
My Ears See My Eyes Listen
Revenge of the Vegan Lobsters
Corn Circle Bottleneck Blues
Six Seconds of Silence for Two Minutes
In Praise (of British Dentists)
Shoot those Asterisks at my Heart
Effects Affect Effects
Ultraterrestrials in Devon
If Goldfish Played Guitar

Liminal Turpentine
I Smoke Chemtrails
Is That Supposed To Mean Something?
She's a Blow-up Sheep (but She Loves You)
Tell Me About My Childhood
Forms of Boredom at Prayer
89% of a Ming Vase
Lozenge Picnic in an Elephant Graveyard
Bill Oddie Accidentally Killed My Badger Part 2 (Extended Version)

Tulip Abuse on the Web (Shills on the Seashore)
Ununpentium (A Tribute To Bob Lazar)
Unpronounceable and Single
Pituitary Argonaut
NasaAstroturf/The Moon is a Flat Earth

Magenta Apollinaire
Glue Mermaids on Sax
Acoustic Feedback at Cern
My Soul is in Kilos
12:32 Sonic Integer
No Aspartame, No Crime
Smoke Signals for a Predictive Programmer Apocalypse
Sink Holes of Helsinki
Infinity Plus One Equals Zero Minus Time Squared
Yoga 4 Yetis
Chords Across the Rubicon
Killer Cheerleaders Never Die
Petal Crush Smoothie
Gandhi and Buddha Smash up a Hotel Room with a Candy Floss Light Saber
Of Neon
Mad Cow Rodeo (Who Stole the Sports Tyres from my UFO?)


*If any of these titles are real please let me know; I don't want to get sued for copywrite infringement

**No offence to post rock bands who hate being categorised as such; it seems to upset them 

***Examples of the genre: GSYBE, Sigor Ros, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Beta Band, Cheryl Cole..