Sunday, 18 October 2015

Fearporn Orgasmatron

Enmesh your head with the End Game practitioners
As they crack open the codices of Saturn's cube vicars
Where there are shills
Are trolls
Mainstream lickers who answer the call
Hollywood stars flipping the masonic steeple
Showbiz is showbiz for ugly people
The debunkers wear plaid for an downside-up crown
Name-calling to snare the ghouls with a frown
So put on your helmet and wave your pom poms
You've just entered the Fearporn Orgasmatron

                                                                                    ON it's on as it's always on

Fearporn Orgasmatron
Where every day some new apocalypse wriggling is born
The Mayans just got the date wrong
Monument Six
Or six six six
The mark of the beast
Celebrities scratching an itch
A sacrifice
A witch hunt
Or the breakdown of a hoaxathon
Crisis actors' marathon with firecracker-perforated ear drums
There are the stills
There's the fake blood
There's an exclusive
To bubble-boil and simmer the rolling funding
So really who are the brave
Choose wisely the subversive thoughts that might form
Ever so tricky an assignment even outside the Fearporn Orgasmatron

You show me your Planet X
I raise you my Fukushima
You show me the chemtrails like a dance of diffusing feather boas
Undulating rainbow hues inject a strontium sky
The strange orbs that form
The planes with reflective paint dye
And if this conspiracy is a lie
Then which lie is The Lie
Subscribe share
Lock your door
Have three years of water
And prayer
Pray and wait
My personal apocalypse brand might be late
It takes time to fate that perfect storm
Such are the dream-drains drop-shipping limpid sink holes
Fearporn Orgasmatron

                                                                                    always on always it's always ON
Fearporn Orgasmatron
Where everyone's either a racist or a politically-correct liberal moron
A misogynist or a feminazi
A true patriot or a treacherous fifth-columnist
Subtlety and shade
Complexity and minds changed
The science here is horny impotent rage
If they disagree they are simply wrong
My truth is the only truth inside the Fearporn Orgasmatron

                                                                                      you too can always be ON         go on
Contrails with their boots on
Predictive programming verses the confirmation bias riddle
Angels or Lucifer or the NWO neoconNeos itchy with the boot-up trigger
Is it written in your scriptures
Or subliminally hidden in the pictures
Is it in the barcodes
Or slipped inside Scanners
                                     These pixels
Is it the NSA Isis or Mossad
I'll go to the right channel
With a damp towel of fevered cucumbers wrapped tightly around my head
I am the messiah of my matrix
A lone wolf correctly attired inside my crystal shed
I'm better off dead than dead
I think lots of thoughts as deep as this
My Zen of Said
Hear my words
Then batten down the hatches
I am Alpha and Omega and Zeta Reticuli
Please think of funding me
I am broke for meds
But how I shall help you stakeholders see..

ii) Cute Kittens and Genocide

Fearporn Orgasmatron
It's a child who has just uploaded her cute kitten playing the piano
                                                                       then strumming a toy banjo..
Well don't we all need a sprinkle of levity
A little light relief
Laughter is a wonderful thing
Let's read the humorous children's comments beneath
It starts off with the supportive mum's comment LOL
But the thread intellectually compromises itself a full two replies later
When the other responsible adults join to play
        Here's the first debater
the Chinese eat kittens I knew a waiter
STFU you probably eat cows comes a quickfire riposte
reply you STFU if it wasn't for us you'd be speaking German

    reply I am German
              reply prove it
reply Troll
reply  troll

And so on it goes..

reply the Chinese occupy Tibet so They are the worst genocidal maniacs of all time
And They eat dogs worse Israel bombz Palestine

reply  you stfu really what about the British empirabsolutely millionsdied churchill and the Bengal famine look it up some time
reply   wdum stfu?!?

                                                                                   reply  sixty million native Americans
                                                                              Now that's a proper atrocity LOL..

reply LOL!!
reply STFU
reply  LOL
The confused seven-year-old girl has just written
                                                                                         Get ready for this                                                                                                        
reply  What do think of my kitten?

From the mouths of children..

I think I need a wash
I think I need to cry
I'll climb the blue walls that try for the bleeding sky
I think I need to watch a shopping channel
A place of gentle humanity
Where attractive middle-aged presenters sell lifetime-guarantee bargain Christmas trees
                                                                                                       It must be January

But you know what it's like
Once you learn how to be the zen rabbit in your chosen headlights
..Swivel salute selfie salivate swivel

It's the kill-shot coronal mass ejection
It's a fundamentalist's hate erection
Or it's a god-atheist mild paedophilia hectoring tweet thing
Who has had a go at Catholics previously
There's the magic of interweb binary irony
It's a Prison Planet and Firmament thing
It's a flat earth NASA shell game
It's school girls selling anorexia
It's a suicidal survivalist praying for an apocalypse
That never seems to arrive
it must be a test of faith i must reread between the lines
                                          i'm not worrying three will probably come along at the same time
                                                                                                         in numerological design

It's another false flag
It's another grooming Channel Jihad
It's yet another celebrity leak
See how she wants it so bad
It's another former actor on crack
It's an alien attack
It's seven seconds of an ad
Seven seconds you will never get back
I can count the astronauts' bubbles
As upside-down they hang like..
                                              Well like upside-down hanging bats

So what do I think about that..Six amazing things you never knew lobsters could do
One perfect trick for getting killer abs for your genitalia
Eighteen reasons why Katie Perry is really a vampire slayer
Fourteen more unprovable facts about Tupac
The Queen is a lizard

                          yeah you knew thatOPINION PIECE ******* ********* Ate My Penguin and Why I forgave him
 For we are all sinners.....


     It's political correctness gone mad....The greens only care about penguins because some are half-black so why don't they say anything about the half-white ones!!?!
no I thought so..
so not surprised you liberalz havn't replyed back..

                                                                         On oN ON

Fearporn Orgasmatron
The accidents of intelligence of the human species on race
The transhumanist agenda is a sleeper cell hidden coiled inside my toothpaste
Cortana is scary there's no getting away
Bill Gates' vaccines
Abbotabad and the CIA
Bin laden thrown into an ocean
My tin foil hat is floating in the waves
Of fluoride and aspartame and face palms
God save Jeremy Corbyn
He has to see the queen
I'm going to eBay Jerusalem

Fearporn Orgasmatron
A kaleidoscope of id-visionary
A cocktail stick of diamond
Pizza and energy drink
The night breathes deserting air
Wanderers stalking for the lost to lead
Hope in the believing subscriber
The white screen noise the word and screed
And every comedian you've never heard of
No fear of an ad hominum planet
The outlier mainstream love-in
The spin of yin and yang
Cern's answer to the big bang
Nostradamus' never never go to Geneva
And if we're still here revise the time and place
Fearporn Orgasmatron is kind that way
Another upload another timeline
It's another day

Fearporn Orgasmatron
Tepco Melting Starfish Time (TMST)
Locusts dropping bread
Did you just call my favourite follower a dickhead
Here's another unboxing of the cult of Apple
The gravity of sponsored newtonian-like propaganda
It's the push of marketing pull
And alas another misguided child a criminal
Or stabbed glassed
For a fistful of plastic that tags you
And talking about the price tag
Swish army knife
Just do it and get life
Fearporn Orgasmatron
Quantum metadata viral nanobot persondoms and forms
Consume shall eat itself
Window shoppers left like abandoned muses deafened by the screaming shelf..

Fearporn Orgasmatron
           It's always on
It's the fun of the everything like thought matters
                                          Edgar Allen Poe bungie jumping with crows
                       Wounded on Google Maps
         Spam of Manga

             Ping pong balls bounce inside the empty submarine
                         The next serial killer shall share a dismal dream
         His unrequited Reality quenched drips ice 
The next serial killer shall share some life
          A selfie within some guns
  Another lone gunman who lived like a nun
               The middle west or the middle east
                        Get a piece ~ peace
                ..he always kept himself to himself
     he never hurt a fly until he...
                         he must have had a screw loose..
                              if only the priest had had a gun..
                                   it's a second amendment issue..

Drill and arm your mind to the teeth
                                               Roll right along and weave your patterns And waves and waves
                                                                                                   The slipstreams of pain
                                                                   Purple Haze Methane rising shall Save
           Burning the midnight lamp inside any number of Mystery Trains