Thursday, 31 December 2015

Nailed On The River Styx

Some glide, some slide,
And some couples list from both sides,
Energy drink fugue fried,
Glow worms on boards swiftly unglued by the night,
A babbling brook of dreaming lips steam-open the frazzled,
And closed circuit dollies shall frack their eyes.

Glittering indigo swans card shuffle the dawn
slim-line nascent functioning forms;
The store fronts' knee-deep teardrop lights
glow with the reckoning:
Inkling herds concussed with ultraviolet kisses,
The neon wash of cobalt, fuchsia, oyster and saffron hues,
Their shopping bags which shimmer
withhold intelligent tags resounding with personal news to lose..

Earphones wash the tumbling ice rink sonics of youth -
The white noise smeared illusions,
Fancifully duct taped with lip-read truths:
Cinnamon fairy tales of moon/June travails and trampled over glamour;
The vapouriser aspirations paint a palate of crowbar colours.
Defunct holy grails mist in laser guided vapour trails -
This planet's constellations of hurt sailed,
And embers stoke and smoke desires and wishes,
The burned burn those bridges..

With purpose, the legions parched return their unwanted gifts,
Spilt back inside their glass plastic sense,
I'll be good for your gold, perhaps,
if you'll allow a cash refund for this myrrh and frankincense..