Thursday, 24 March 2016

Capital Flight Landlords Of The World Unite

capital flight landlords of the world unite
new glass satanic mills' trinkets delight
ten thousand dimpled points of dimmer-switch-to-let light
stacked hot knives of smoked steel shaft the shamble of sky
the economic locusts dropship honey umbrellas
gold meteors swarm
foundational craters pre-load
cash cows shall crow and keep mum sold

capital flight landlords of the world unite
even before the next cold war turns hot
it's lift-off 
you'll yield a thousand percent on the dotted line
these sparkles of alchemy
in the refugees' star-crossed night all shine

so the builders stack them high
melting like clockwork drip dead on site sometimes
only say maybe to contracted life
the soccer stalwarts of qatar
have got that s.o.p goal down tight

capital flight landlords of the world don't flee
virtually visit your space station
like tim peake's chroma keying thingy
enjoy the 3d tour projected on the square blue show
a glass of wine a supermodel
cream in your ice cone
your bouncey castle fireproof is underwritten by nero

for where chaos resides there's the short side
the flip of the share slide
so you know you can let it all ride
all permutations shall ignite your points of light
one illuminati to another should bend the will of time all right
and make it walk your zig zag line

ignore the affluenza alienation
hold on to the wood-fired gentrification
a tureen of organic mushy pea squash for a small ransom
your toilet roll makes platinum
even your pet skunks smell handsome

the security guards
and chefs
shall have a temporary pass issued
to allow themselves in
but only via the discreet side door
by the wheelie bins

for every palace shall have
an entrance for the queens and kings
and another for those they suffer to serve them gated
and they must utilise the goods' lift sated