Friday, 18 March 2016

True Poets Shut Up And Sing

so dismal
didactic serial interviewee poets
flea celebrities
endlessly drool publicly over their verse
they bid you welcome
these belly gazing curators
kicking and screaming you into their
hairy schmoozer purse string universe
oh my goodness

cursed exhibitionist mercenaries
unsparing their hive mind of me
like shark-eyed self-genuflecting bullet point donkeys
powerpoint munchkins
'tis mental masturbation surely
absurd really
and so beneath the elusive muse moose divinity
and what's more
Defeats Poetry

never trust such vain doppelgangers dismal
for Poetry is
dear true poets here's the thing
simply shut up and sing
your poetry being is being
being in that poem thing
for poetry becomes its meaning true
somewhere between the attuned transmission receiver
the within now between now living outside you

thus shun the Brigade MeMeMe
the starstruck solipsists spoking
the lighted streams of the midnight industry
spooking the silent vessel scribes of the raw true weave
toiling beneath the earthshine
gazing out of cars
some thrown out of bedrooms
others propping up bars
you know who you are
and even if you don't
all the better

poet be
free that poem go
you be gone
evaporate like mist
for the membrane of your breath is the poem's air
not the ego's fist
only the deafening nowhere trills the philistine whores
damned besotted slam-dunked on their own reflection
surfing the dappled quick sand of self deception
where the poet becomes the venal product sold
in the me myself and i mold

through the verse flute gift your brimming muse truth
it works it works somehow
and you the poet take care
stay invisible
if you dare
shut up and sing
along the interpretation alley Poetry lives

your poetry fired aloft to float away
the snowflake spiral
flits etheric a voice
the mystic geometry of your fractal words
now lifted away on their magic carpet ride
salute that choice