Wednesday, 6 April 2016

In Gentrificationland

a bowl of muesli for under four pounds    (*)
a small cup of slow faux java for under three    (**)
a slice of pizza                                    
don't say nietzsche
seven pounds
inclusive of a fat free complimentary radish dip  (***)

welcome to gentrificationland  (****)
all this could be yours
if you earn a minimum
of sixty three thousand four hundred and fifty (*****)


(*)   prices correct at April 2016   [i](**)  slim slice pizza with one olive topping scheme   [ii]
(***)  fair traded french radish with organic aspertame cream   [iii]   (****) gentrificationland is a trademark of killtrees plc    [iv]  (*****) obviously no public sector employees   [v]

  • [i] muesli annual yield investments 14%  {a}
  • [ii] transinterstellar creative poodles welcome in yoga tent  {b}
  • [iii] subject to continued eu membership entitlement  {c}
  • [iv] killtrees plc are quality providers of concrete nourishment  {d}
  • [v]  exigent due diligence {e}
{a} equal to or more than tofu spam  (¬) {b} all yoga postions copywrite of dharma-in-a-can (``)
{c} we support the free radish peasants of europe app (^) {d} we tap carbon emissions of trees we zap (+~)
{e} we reserve the right to ethically scam (#=)


¬ tofu spam naturallly sourced from particle wave zeta reticulan hybrid eugenics `` and all other consciousness raising esoteric spiritual practice ^ free radish peasants utilising unauthorised apps under section 14maj12disinfo of planet earth homeland security act deemed enemy combatants on off world maps +~ for every healthy tree killtrees plc humanely destroy we pledge to plant 3 plastic flowers in #gentrificationlandafghanistan *****#= save david cameron