Friday, 20 May 2016

You Should Have Been Here Yesterday (Copenhagen Unicorns And Stockholm Starfish)

You should have been here yesterday
Ten thousand flamingos danced all over the square
A bouquet of jasmine blooms filled the air
Golden geese spiralled a mid-air fanfare
Peace doves gently dropped ribbon boxes of chocolate eclairs

You should have been here yesterday
Billionaires gave away their mansions and wares
Rare paintings
             and rare cars 

                       with free aftercare
The wise wizards granted wishes 

                       striking snowy lightening air
And bushy-tailed genies offered magic carpet rides free to anywhere

You should have been here yesterday
Fireworks reaching the stars 

                                    stunned an amazed crimson dream sky
Airships spiralled lasers of dazzling dancing blue fire
Dolphins rodeo-rode zookeepers through hoops of spinning tyres
Snowboarders flew upside mountains gravity-defying them
                                                                                   and never tiring

You should have been here yesterday
Guitar-playing hyenas serenaded peacocks under ice cream trees
Rabbits on table mats sold honey for sun-bathing bees
A circus of acrobats juggled three ballet-performing fleas
Tortoises ran hundred metre races under ten seconds with ease

You should have been here yesterday
Pandapenguinparrots danced the samba on ice
Polar bear waiters
                 with chop stick carrots
                                    served lemony rice
Jam-hamsters razzing chariots 
        baked strawberry pizzas and pies
And meerkats whisked chips well mushy
        and deep-fizzy-fried

Albatrosses jammed on ukuleles
Stockholm Starfish skydived with parachutes of bay leaves
     delivering azaleas 
Nightingales swooped above a swooning
               Pygmalion and Aphrodite

As alien shaman
         Whirled to mermaids' songs

                        Copenhagen Unicorns 
                                   On golden orbs soaring
                                           Were airborne

Raucous minotaurs joined in warbling
From the dinosaur superstore we were all cheering applauding
I'll shut up now I'm getting boring