Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Smoke In Amber

the wavering candle
caught my breath ~ your reflective eyes
danced the flame
hour glass irises ~ needle-lava a-bloom
nano magma phosphorescence
yet the forbidden energy consumed to never fade..

the wavering candle
smoke ~
a small affair everlasting ~ only weeks of months
and after then..
and then years later
out of nowhere ~ a wrench
yet here is mostly the rush of rust
ionised iron
though an orbiting dark star's stark magnetics tug the core..

twas of was not was ~
absurd absurd

last night on the tube train
deep underground

the aptness ~ subterranean vertigo
and from some remote depth i conjured this thought-burn
i have no idea i have no idea no idea..
the portent of the looping
pathos foretold
smacked hard by the palm of the driftwood shift work night
oh yeah oh yeah..
i'm sorry if this sounds like poetry
this isn't poetry..

jolted ~ my distorted face
in the upper cut curve of glass
my distorted face spied my distorted face
and the echo chamber of the earphone jury
oh they noticed they noticed
apparition ~ apparition re-folding
extinguished to reignite ~ so inept i am
so so..
is this
quantum entanglement 

her karma served cold..
fire lanterns glowed ashen ~ alien embers a wishbone
for all the wise all nodding dog
the flip side of all this

the recitation ~
heart landscapes’ vanquished with misremembered magic mesmerised
a gushing volcano of diamond mist
and in the wash of mid-distant haze ~ a ghost ship or an abandoned igloo..

avidity spoked ~ oh yes ~ for one
rekindling sparks the organic mote and beam..

and up the escalators ~
splintered by the outreach stingray
origami slayer
but would i have it any other way
well would i..