Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Sylvia Plath's Silver Fox

sylvia plath
oh how you made us laugh
if only you had used a microwave oven

ted hughes
like all great poets

you were great with women weren't you
and to be fair
you also wrote a really good poem about a fox
and you got laid many times because of it
and apparently three of your loves killed themselves
and then you published some poems about one of them
but not the other two because they were just exes

and it was very well received
i mean the collection
not the suicide in question..

and you told your side of the story
and the critics mostly felt sorry for you
even a feminist plathist jihadist 
and they wished you were still alive
so they could tell you
they had rehabilitated you

an amazon reviewer said this
in their five star review
arrived on time and was exactly as described
and another reviewer said
in their five star review
i bought this for an old lady it was her 100th birthday
a one star review said this
i thought it was the book and it wasn't and now i can't seem to cancel this purchase..

i'm off to write a poem about basil brush right now