Sunday, 12 February 2017

Noblesse Oblige Cocoon

multi-talented no misogynist
a tortured genius the world of empathy beneath understands
a punch provides his hit
and for madam
the placatory box of chocolates
his calibrated rebalance of the yin and yang
the usual dance..

ambassador you are spoiling us..

a seer a prophet an artist
her eye socket
so she fell down the stairs again..

i should have been more careful
she whispered
and the interviewer she nodded
he smiled
she's all fingers and thumbs..

he has an aura
the interviewer blushed
as he escorted her to the car
they exchanged phone numbers of course
his better half looking on from the window
then after a beat or so..
                                   she turned away..

you spying on me again
never mind
just leave me in peace
and before you ask
no we really don't need to talk about this
there is no
my patience is wearing thin..

as well we know
another wise man once said
something about the the anger of a patient man..

a beat..
she gathered her courage
yes he barked
it's your turn to make dinner..she said