Saturday, 4 March 2017

Scarcity Perverts

the publisher turned back to his partner
after gazing through
and through the pyramid glass sky vista
pool cuing with his thumb and fingers all the little birds
imagineering them dropping
splitting open the human ants below
like silent harpooned kamikaze meteorites
beaked smart guided feathered flint rapiers
he chuckled at his hitchcock 


he shook his head
our bedazzled basement-dwelling concoction 
of electric word-noise 
~ sold ~ and how ~ 
wow ~
yes exactly.. 

and  rest assured
our hired def-con earnest 
consumes minds
yet their shielded values
 ~  those real strongly held ones..
well here's a discreet veil..for the mummified
what a foil..

her consumers

they've double-front soul lobotomies 
her woeful gurning so perfectly conjoins
they can't see through it
and they are the ones that matter 
and they are more than okay with it
~ it's all's all good..they're delighted
our focus groups have told us so
over and over..
                        ~ they love her..

and thnk about this

if her coffee ad picks up a creatives' award
then so much the better
we all receive the kudos
and our copywriter songstress laureate
her doe-eyed sweet gaze
shall bask in that tinsel reflected starlight once more
she'll earn 
no doubt
~ plenty more
she is now the headliner in all the sjw arenas isn't she
organic fair trade warrior..yeah i've seen her on the road..
tea bags sourced entirely from organic cocaine cartels..

her outlier brand recognition we've already firmly established

on that telethon celebrity gang-bang
pumping prime-time her bling verse plink-plonk twattery 
don't quote me on that
shameless wasn't she

using a starving kid as an empathy prop
that'll do ~ kerching..
                                     my new album is out next week
                                                            ~ by the way..
                        ..but let's remember what is important here
                   don't go to the pub tonight
            look at this starving kid
      for a while longer
and think about ~ it
  that's what she said 
      ~ it...
                               oh and..
then she finished her peroration with
the classic by-the-way
      also my book is out next week 
                                             by the coincide..
        with my album which is also out next week

 i ~ we

call that sweet poetry..
                       ~ yeah..

                    and all. 

    our play book.
wouldn't you say..

~ poetry ~ earnest songwriter ~ album ~ telethon ~
kerching ~ yeah

her pr propagandist makes bernays look like gandhi

~ he's wonderful
not gandhi
i mean her pr manager

so let it be written
we shall all bathe in our songstress's reflected fake liberal glory..
and all the fake liberals won't call us on it
we make them feel good..
we make them feel great..
let's make fake liberals feel great again..
all the hillary clintonistas
they are the new all-important demographic..
collective noun victimhood..

and for all of  this new fake whirlwind
we must thank the lord..

we ~ her ~ starving kids ~ that

and yet there's no danger of us being perceived 
as scarcity perverts here..
apart from the cynics 
so they don't really matter
not really..

he pondered his driftwood light bulb profundity

while shooting at another three birds..
then he said
..and we're willing on our actress
she should never need a real job..

i'm talking about our star here
not the telethon starving kid..~ she needs a real job..right now..

..soo artistically valid

whatever that might mean
as valid as that annoying italian opera character 
for go compare if you ask me 
don't quote me on that either
she's ours..

and we will remind them

she has a heart
one pence of each copy of her book will be donated to a..
..i dunno..think of something..

.. ~ simon cowell.. 

i quote our biography
a genius about music..
these people those people
they probably think artistic integrity
is a brand of kitchen appliances..
  you're frowning

so what gives..

his partner was about to explain

but he held up his hand conceding 
~ no you misunderstand 
                                  i know...
look if it makes you feel better
see her as our gateway drug poetry product
and all while she is selling her tat ~ ours
we keep the faith 
and so shall she
so be positive
you never know
they might end up buying our real hard verse stuff
the dead ones
the ones who wrote their words

it might work..

he fell silent

and did the okay sign in front of one eye
he aimed and shot down another two birds
with a sniper's cold precision..

he concluded

we need those people to take her very..
and her tailored angst-whimsy is..
just perfect..