Monday, 10 April 2017

Escape To Easter Island A Gated Community

we're waves formed..

a fragmenting sentient
my will slight 
so my flimsy grasp 
precognition shards mill muscle memory 
my deja vu muse 
machine-learns a rescue plan
like johnny cash in a time slip
i walk the spiral..

and if it's okay with you
i might wave at you you
as you walk your spiral..

human jet stream silver fish treacle-dart 
easter island statues lock on milk floats 
intravenous selfies invacuate
unribboning ice cream icon screens pass..
go on..pass..

i am the force 
i gated community
the smaragdine sky isotopes twinkle

my inside-i forms a line
folding squeezed inside this vase
a translucent force field of candy-floss resistance 
nevertheless trapped and mapped..

eye slings
new lamp post lights iridise toothpaste caterpillars
wi-fi vectors fry trickling children 
and when 5g arrives the unborn shall be..
more things than things
to pipeline-transaction
pinged pliable things to solarise
by gamine geek soul-pirates
novellas of an almost-children

easy gold oiling over 
our lack of prescience our future sold 
for all but the few..

elon musk our god emperor bow down
and your smart fridge an informer
your medical records curator 
your cold-called name a radioactive husk
a spiller
you won't get that back in the tube

and a new lord shall call this
the internet of things..

i am the gated community
a dissolve of one part crash test dummy 
one part driftwood druid
side-car salmon owned by the inverted us
the limbic system prone psyche..

a drone throws me a frisbee
i throw it back
and my biometrics are tagged eternalised

whatever my thoughts your thoughts
an artificial intelligence air conditioned in the desert
mulls every us all aspects as silent as the sphinx
the firmament cracked caves transposition
a new gilded cage for the gated awaits
like so for the one who knows..

easter island statues ~ mirrors
a flash yoga stand-in
ten or a thousand years
a selfie to the stars..

our very soul snapped in the fish-eye 

jesus stands stilled in a dead coral reef
also for him i cannot phone a friend..