Wednesday, 26 April 2017

It Was Similar To The Resurrection Oh But Not The Same

it was similar to the resurrection
oh but not the same..

i overheard a mother qualify and explain
something about their
miraculously risen cat..

the mother zoned-in on my baffled expression snagged
and within her reflection she gently flung 
she culled and hulled and duffed my air
then away into the supermarket she burned
her piety affronted 
and there morphed aglow 
an angry mumsnet phantom
i her uninvited shock-absorbing defibrillator..

sunk manlessly skittering
i careered into another supermarket
i thought it would be best
i slipped as sloth 
on my dropped pavement gaze deflected
an unappealing squirm of tangled beam
a blinking bevelled-edge bonanza
of furrowed dots and dashes

rolling caterpillar eyebrows gone awol..

this street tableaux
a beached rolling wave unfurled
an unabsolved crashing space cadet
as marble-eyed magi liquidised cash-back
a blown-shrunk tumble-weed unredeemable consumer-human
hosed down to my melted meme aspect
a microwaved picasso meaning-gleaner
i retreated 
bleeping 'neath a belisha beacon..

my mind wasn't looking its best
in other words
still digesting
such an upper-cut curve 
of gnomic intervention
and worse 
caught mangled in the musing act
higher moggy theosophy 
obviously above my calling
above my resonating aura
no hope for esoteric cognisance
for epiphany no gears..

it was similar to the resurrection
oh but not the same..

burgled soul burger-flipped
the spaceman budgerigar
you don't want fries with that..
please re-corkscrew should you receive..

it was similar to the resurrection
oh but not the same..

so what kind of moggy is this
does it perform miracles
or does it deign only to sit there
testing the new faithful 
the old messianic 101 way..

okay so
it was similarly resurrected
but not the same..
so what were the key differences
i wondered
as alien long-life noodle aisles 
wandering unravelling
a knitting ball would never ponder me..

it was similarly resurrected 
oh but not the same..

was the fluffy one crucified
..should i call the rspca..
         ..oh but perhaps It has forgiven them..
with no device for non-divine intervention
i resolved i must know my place
sadly one of the heathen brethren..

i looked but could not find
the cat food
which is okay
for i have not a cat
and yet of the holy moggy
i confess i still yearn to believe
that some myths 
must be more than mere mythology
for the gentle purring 
and laying of paws
this cruel world well and truly needs..