Saturday, 17 June 2017

Now That's What I Call War On Terror Music (Volumes 22-33)

Let's go
Put out for bunny ears
Fire up the hugs the tears
Book the stadium
Shout luv ya
We won't give in
Then sing your song
About being fucked so hard
you can't walk
to screaming eight-year-old children
                         eight-year-old children..
Earnest gurning saplings
And remember
Never give in to terrorism..

Beta kittens with floppy ears
Warm the cockles
Intern clicks of fear
Roll out dappled stock heroes
We always need those
Feel the tingles
From your head to your toes
Another hashtag
Virtue signal
infantilising palliative antidote
Don't be a spoil-sport
Stoke the rolling Cope Machine
Groin marine positivity please..

Triffidal flowers drop-ship macramé hands
Autotune tears align
Never allow a good crisis to go to waste
The limo engine purring discreetly

Candle in the Wind ditties
And as we bomb Libya
Ariana Grande/A Grande Arena
Dangerous Woman
Would you spare one song for Tripoli
Or Baghdad
Hillary sing for Benghazi
Or at least walrus a missing person's appeal
Has anyone seen Eric Braverman
Whisper a lament for Seth Rich's arkancide
Cry like you mean it..

If you can't manage a song
Could you spare a middle eight
Or a chorus
Or the last few seconds to fade
Or spare the virtual hole in the middle of an mp3..

Saint Theresa
Cut another deal with Saudi
Then frolic through wheat fields
Feel naughty waving pyramid quids
Clutch for dear life
your chocker necklace
Skull and Bones
And a pint of squid
A delicate balance
A delicate balance..

Spare one lullaby for the Yemeni Houthis
Or the White Helmets' beheaded
Let's have a minute's silence
For any friendly fire incident
On any given Friday
A wedding
A funeral
Another bombed hospital
All for our children their kids are goats..

Teflon empaths..
If you can't manage a silent minute
How about a few seconds
Even if only inside your head
You can carry on talking if time-poor
'tis the thought that counts..

And a silent word with your intelligences
The assets flip
Get hip to the bait and switch
What a Watch List
Battalions of Mr al-Baghdadi Batmans
Legacy phantoms
Now available in cans
In-Extremis Man
The new fragrance for the edgy man
Slipped under the radar

Slap on a ribbon
This one is for our children
Beta sex kitten bunny ears
Monarch sired seer
Crisis management goes hot
Alice in Wonderland
White Rabbit
Slytherin 6
Chess board alter
One Love massive attack
Harry Potter cannibals
Presstitute managers
An ex-prime minister exhibits his shed
Glistening various shades of bone ash..

And the flowers
Sentiments waxed flex fitter
Soundbite Molotov ziggurat
reflect flitting moondogs..

Flames of electronic candles
Click off
To save power
As a lamp post light flickers on
mistaken for the sun..

Beneath the nuisance rain
the parched memorial
The shrink-inked words
Some heartfelt
Frightened numbed
Blur into Rorschach tests..

The wrapping can be recycled
The flowers churned to compost
The sentiments monetised to numbness
Celebrity cash cow tweets
One Love
Hand in glove
The War on Terror love train

The entertainer shouts luv ya
So you shout luv ya
She wants to know
If you are alright
    even the ones at the back..
She wants you to feel better now
She felt your pain
She felt your pain..

A community of atoms fuses together
For a few hours more
Then everything shall return
to the way it was before..
                  ...luv ya..see ya..

Please close the door behind ya
And exit..
                stage left..

The concessionary stalls are outside..