Sunday, 15 October 2017

Telepathic Parrots Can Read Your Dreams

Split seconds dither atom-filled worlds
Atom-less in Dream
Gravity-sanctions tethers snap
Your lily pad helipad rotors snoring
Rapid eye movements swivel 360
Lifted elevations sizzle mystery..

And the moon slips off a cactus
Water-falling pineal mescaline
The lunar rivers dance and shimmer
Glittering golden galleons dive the craters
Loving couples' sky canoes
kiss anew
the vast raven canopy iridescence..

The wafting lemon-heavenly ice cream trees
The curious flitting still-life gazelles
The mermaid throes ram-raid
the wishing hole rabbit wells
What kind of a person
Would blissfully thrive on a moon as this
Well might I suggest
Such a locale
Should warm the cockles 
of anyone's jim-jams..

Naked from the forehead up
Saffron cornfields flip you
'neath cool cotton bed-sheets
Your magic carpet flings you
Songbirds perch twinkling 
Chirrup fantastical yo-yo meaning
The gleaners alight the force-field
Space skiing saucer surf chicks saucy..

Slow and riven ripples parallel rippling
Surf your noggin-skimming stone
Where dreams trip hours stellar 
Aeons spin in teardrop pipettes
Diphthong Mastodons jump the shark
Subterranean play-forms quaff the dark
So flit again against earth's grain
Between the timeless tick-tock..

A sublime mindlessness Zzzzz
What joy
Your punch card clock
You snooze button panther
Your once argumentative cock
Or you gentle ladies' you-know-what
Once of anciently always ready to rumble
You won't need your passport..

To seem
Threads needle your third eye
Looping though your other two
Venusian ice cream vans ding-dong true
Timbuktu xylophones tinkle didgeridoo
Telepathic parrots can read your dreams
Sip your gottle of gear
All night long
Gently watch over you
From another room
So taste the colours
See the sounds
It's all true
It's all true
It's you..