Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Happy New Year!?

january sales eat beached whales
margarine underwear on special offer..

this year won't be like any year
it will barely seem like anything
we can talk about it next december
in time for the christmas sales..
Q Clearance clearance..
it's on the web it must be true..

the christmas office party man
he threw up on her shoes
now by the tea-point
his cock a dowsing rod in the antarctic
will it discover the ancient cities down there
flash frozen
refugees from the tiamat moon wars..

as i walked into a revolving door
i made my resolution
delete all the spam in your folders
and..for just this once do something productive..

i was grim and ready
back home i put on the black mirror
iran is next
another celebrity announces
men will soon give birth
the timing all too perfect..

the subject lines of my spam mail 2018
      Beat of the defeat? The fiancee will approbate it!
            Overworked of the failures? The bride will appreciate this!
      Ogston Rskin Severe unknown infections can be traaeted only with a comml:
      Tobias Farmer propounded this to figure out disagreements on cubicle!!!
Discount now!

Appease your yokefellow
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    What don't you know about your penisis?
     I am ready to give hot sex on christmases
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Our firm have urge instill a keen initiate medicaments!!
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i turn to the black mirror
iran still in the distraction cross-hairs
operation ajax all over again..
some things never change..

           You were invited to a confrence of small penises!
           I have seen your photo i luv u..
who said romance was dead..