Saturday, 3 October 2009

Reflections Of An Ex-Banker

A former banker,
For Lehman Brothers,
Was interviewed on the news,
To talk about how she felt,
On the anniversary of the collapse of her bank,
That precipitated the global financial meltdown,
And from where the term Credit Crunch,
Born kicking and screaming,
Rudely gate-crashed into the lexicon,
And lives,
Of billions of poor souls,
Who will now be indebted for,

This ex banker reflected,
And after a few deep seconds of that,
The near collapse of the economy,
Had - ironically - done her,
And her former Lehman Brothers' colleagues,
The world of good:
She has re-prioritised her life,
She now realises,
It's not all about the money,
After all.

And as I sat there,
Listening to this ex banker's spiritual epiphany,
I don't mind sharing with you,
I felt all warm inside,
Gooey, even,
And at one with creation and nature.
I'm so glad for her,
And I hope you too will join me,
In wishing her well,
Pleased that her new cafe venture,
Is the stunning success it is.

So well done to her,
And her former colleagues,
All still friends,
Sticking together after all that unpleasantness.
They have all moved on now,
And she assured the interviewer,
Are not sad or regretful,
No, not in any way:
What's the point?

That's the spirit!